Foot Stompin Rockabilly….Star Devils


In the early days rock was all about the fun , songs written about girls and cars. One of the reasons I love Rockabilly is that it beckons back to those early days. The Star Devils stay true to the tradition, songs about red heads and just good old fashioned vocals a little Buddy Holly a little Roy Orbison. The Star Devils are a good time and if you are looking for some tunes to stomp along to, give a listen…

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The StarDevils; forming in 2000; are regarded as one of the most entertaining and exciting bands in traditional contemporary rockabilly. Their savage Rockabilly and Hillbilly boppin’ sounds have received 5 star reviews from Black Cat Rockabilly and Rockabilly Hall of Fame (to name a few). Being compared to the best on the scene today the bands live shows and CD’s are a must for any fan of traditional original Rockabilly.  “ It’s Damn Good Rock-n-Roll”! states Wayne “The Train” Hancock saying the StarDevils are one of his favorite bands today.

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