Flower Graves Drop Sweet Texas Psych w/ ‘Be Your Man’

Since the mid 1960s, thanks to seminal acts like The 13th Floor Elevators, Red Krayola and The Zakary Thaks, Texas has been popularly regarded as the birthplace of garage psych. Now, some fifty-plus years later, it’s bands like Houston’s Flower Graves that are keeping the love light burning.

Released in October 2017 by Houston locals Wallflower Records, Flower Graves latest dreamscape is the effervescent, intangible slice of psych-sweetness, ‘Be your Man’.

The track itself is a four-minute bliss reminiscent perhaps more of West Coast psych rather than the usual harder-edged, guitar driven sounds of Austin or Houston. It’s tough to put a finger on it, but there are definitely noises of the more ethereal, flower power bands of San Francisco and Los Angeles seeping through on this gem of a track. Jefferson Airplane, Strawberry Alarm Clock, even the tiniest hint of The Byrds make an appearance on ‘Be your Man’, with a twenty-first century modern twist the ilk of Tame Impala and Frankie and the Witch Fingers giving it that polished drive.

But it wouldn’t be fair to simply compare Flower Graves to influencers in the years-growing list of psych or garage. No, Flower Graves manage to stand on their own two feet pretty darn well. ‘Be Your Man’ is a pop gem. Were it released amid the burgeon of Haight-Ashbury, today we would be calling a classic, mentioning the band in the same breath as those aforementioned. But, thankfully for those of us who still yearn for a dose of modern day saccharine-sweet psych pop in 2017, it wasn’t.

In fact Flower Graves are doing everything right in their recordings, utilising the ample technologies of modern day to hone an undying sound of the sixties into something more wonderful than it’s ever been. It’s an intangible sound, sure, just the way recordings like this should be done, but with production extremes far and wide now more accessible than ever, the Flower Graves’ otherworldliness can now be dropped into our yearning souls with sonic efficiency and with the warmth of a Grace Slick lullaby.

For your own well-being, buy this single.

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