Record of the Day…Last I Heard by the Flesh Panthers


For me the Flesh Panthers’ debut record NGC 2632 was a highlight of 2015. We even did a Meet the Band with the Chicago punks (HERE).

So I am super stoked for their sophomore release – Willows Weep coming in September from Maximum Pelt Records, especially after hearing Last I Heard.

Last I Heard is the first tease from the album and holy shit this is a great song.

It’s all glorious jangly Stones and Faces, complete with pedal steel and piano. You can practically smell the reefer in the studio.

Man, I love this band!

Last I Heard
take your time walkin out the door
aint so bad lookin any more
havnt you had enuff
go and leave it the dust
aint so high anymore

blood moon comin back round agian
last i heard good days were comin to an end
well i think we had enouff
go and leave it in the dirt
aint got time anymore

well havnt we had enuff
go and leavit in the dust
it aint so bad anymore

Flesh Panthers – Facebook

Maximum Pelt Records

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