Field Trip South – We have seen the Future (Part 1)

Our two days of garage rock madness have come to an end. And what an end it was. Being a big fan of all things garage , I love every band that played at Field Trip South these last few nights. From getting a chance to see the legendary Subsonics to spending time talking with some of the coolest people on the planet we spent two nights together as a community full of support for each other . What brought us together was from an idea that Scott from Hidden Volume Records had a few years ago. I remember when he asked me ” What do you think of the idea of bringing bands together for a weekend in Orlando” my reply was , I live there , I’m all in. And now those two nights will be a memory that I will always have . I was blown away from all those who complimented 50thirdand3rd and the work that we do trying to bring the music we all love to these pages. And getting the opportunity to talk to so many of the bands and line them up for interviews and features was just a side benefit for me. I went as a fan and I left as a fan of a few bands that I didn’t know that much about. So let’s talk about last night…

The Belltowers opened the night and if your are a fan of The Byrds or Tom Petty or The Sonics , they are just about perfect in delivering some of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard over the last few years.

The Stents followed and they brought the show to us, starting off with all but the drummer coming off the stage into the audience jamming and having a blast. Great stuff.

I love the energy and the chemistry between The Stents it’s nothing but brotherhood, Pat has a great command of the stage and that bass player is a pretty cool dude. As for the other crazy man Steve, this is what he looked liked after he got off the ground . He was laying on the ground bleeding 2 feet away from me and all I’m thinking is holy shit this is hardcore. Great set, love The Stents even more. Hey hey Pat..

The Midnight Larks:

Midnight Larks at The Earl from M.A. Torres on Vimeo.

Absolutely loved everything about The Midnight Larks , such a cool mix of sounds , dark, powerful no bullshit with a Southern edge, gotta say one of the surprises for me was getting blown away from how good they are. Look for more here in the upcoming weeks and months about The Midnight Larks cause they just made the short list of bands to watch in 2017.

and that leads us into…..The Schizophonics I have been going to see acts since the days of Aladdin Sane along the way I have seen my share of greats and speaking as a child of the 70’s after seeing The Schizophonics I can safely tell you that I have seen the future of rock ‘n’ roll..

yesterday I wrote about Pat as part of the Little Richards. Last night I made sure I was close to the front to capture the brilliance on film. Before the set I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Pat , trying not to fanboy scare him , but holy Jesus this guy can play the guitar like nobody’s business , think James Brown meeting up with Mick and taking on a little Jimi anyway Pat and Lety are very cool down to earth rockers and for sure expect more here about The Schizophonics very soon. When I was putting up that clip on Instagram the one who knows me best in this world said..”You ought to say If I get to come back in a next life I want to be Pat of The Schizophonics” Great music , awesome blues rock voice that just all gels with the other members of the band , I am a fan and will do my best to help spread the word about The Schizophonics….

part two tomorrow.

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