Female Rapper on the Rise Alert: BOYFRIEND

Usually, opening acts have the thankless job of warming up a crowd that is simply counting down the seconds until the main event appears on stage.

This is not the case with BOYFRIEND, a teacher-turned-rapper from New Orleans who is surprising Big Freedia fans on the Bounce Shakedown tour as she opens the show with something you’ve never seen before.

It’s so rare that you get to experience an artist without coming in with preconceived notions of assumptions. I knew a person or band named BOYFRIEND was opening for Freedia, but I had no idea what to expect and didn’t expect much. How great can an opener be? But – Boyfriend surprised everyone, owned the stage, and did more than just open – she put on a legit show that was worth the ticket price alone.

Boyfriend has not revealed her true name in public but she is unequivocally and authentically herself, or rather, the character she has created. As she walked on stage onto a set that looks like a woman’s living room, she wore a robe and giant curlers in her hair. With pink glasses, she resembled a sexy librarian who got home from work awhile ago, pouring herself a martini. Then, she opens her robe to reveal vintage lingerie and offbeat dance moves to a track that yells, “Look at me, I need some fucking attention.” I was hooked immediately.

Boyfriend isn’t trying to be anything but Boyfriend, and that is what made me love her instantly. This white girl rapper from the Dirty South stands in front of the mic, strips, and spits raps about everything from threesomes to boys to girls to the trappings of marriage and more. It’s everything that feminist chicks dream of and more. And more!

One of my favorite moments included “Say You Will,” in which Boyfriend is adorned in white and red tulle from head to toe, pushing back a ridiculous veil to reveal her face as she raps, “Mother, may I marry him, mother may I smother him, mother may my lover be no other than the perfect man.” She goes on to say, “Promises are binding, promises are blinding.” I love this girl.

Another one of my favorites of the night was “Tomorrow,” in which she unapologetically spits, “Don’t ask me ’bout forever, baby, ask me ’bout tomorrow,” ending this jam about having fun in the moment with hilariously existential thoughts about how we’re all gonna die anyways, so what’s the point of talking about being together forever?

Boyfriend is a badass bitch and she’s also a star. Listen and learn! This teacher is schooling Freedia fans across the country and she deserves all of the attention she wants.

At the end of her set, Boyfriend rapped and yelled, “BOYFRIEND 69 DOT COM!” over and over again. So go there if you want to hear more!

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