Featured Album: STRANGE ATTRACTOR: Good Boy Bad Boy

We are nearing the end of a dark, cold winter so thank God, Sudbury, Ontario’s Strange Attractor has a new album out called ‘Good Boy Bad Boy‘.

It’s been a long time between releases for the Strange Attractor handle and the usually prolific songwriting of the multi-talented Jeff Houle (Statues/ Tommy and the Commies), the last release was a single and an EP in 2014. ‘Good Boy Bad Boy‘ tracks 18 nuggets of highly charged garage punk over 15 minutes and the wait was more than worth it. The album is noisy, amped up, and offers a veritable clinic of riffs. Standouts for me are the opener ‘I Wanna Be You‘, the shaking instrumental ‘No Chingues Gracias‘,  ‘Baby Jesus Head‘, and ‘Invisible Man‘.

The album ping-pongs colourfully between 60s garage, Angry Samoans hardcore witticism, Reatards-punk, and Billy Childish frenzy.

The Chats’ bassist-vocalist Eamon Sandwith makes an appearance on ‘Warm Piss‘.

Out on Montreal’s Celluloid Lunch Records, UK’s Drunken Sailor Records, and Mexico’s Discos De Muerte.

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