Featured Album: SCIENCE MAN – ‘Nines Mecca’

It’s the end of the world as we know it and John Toohill feels fine.

Nines Mecca‘, the fourth installment of Toohill’s Science Man project plays like the soundtrack to the apocalypse with its relentless hardcore fury created by man and machine. Toohill is a very prolific artist at the top of his game and his creativity is electric and there is not enough space to list everything he is involved in.

Nines Mecca‘ comes screaming from your speakers across a wasteland populated only by Napalm Death, Jerry’s Kids, and Lard. There’s a frantic urgency over the 10 tracks, and the whole album comes in at just over 17 minutes. It’s metallic and raw and anxiety-generating. Like Victor Frankenstein, Toohill builds on the previous Science Man releases of manic industrial punk, attaching a noise rock limb here and thrash metal skin graft there to his post-everything monster. ‘Nines Mecca‘ is an adrenaline-fueled, barely controlled blowout of an album.

There is also a video counterpart, a 10-part music video series that culminates into a sort of short film companion to the album made entirely by Toohill and Lindsay Tripp.

Co-released by Swimming Faith and Feral Kid Records

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