Featured Album: RAVAGERS – ‘Badlands’

The Ravagers fuse has been lit for a long time. The band has been kicking out the jams since 2013, releasing a couple of EPs and some singles, and now their debut full-length has just detonated. Produced by Biters/Restless Hearts frontman Tuk Smith, ‘Badlands‘ is a blast of rock and roll with plenty of live fast, die young attitude.

Listening to this record you just know these guys have immaculate taste in music. The 10 tracks mostly come across as 70’s snotty street punk replete with tales of grimy urban decay. It’s like a back alley brawl between the Exploding Hearts and The Hallacopters with Hanoi Rocks tagging in. There is a crap-ton of hooks and shouty/sing-along anthemic choruses and Tuk’s production brings out the band’s tight musicianship.

Pre-order the vinyl from SPAGHETTY TOWN RECORDS.


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