Featured Album: NightFreak – S/T

Back in 2022, just as the fog of the pandemic was clearing we did an interview with Chicago’s NightFreak when their EP Speed Trials was released. The EP was only 4 tracks but it certainly left us salivating for more and well, the boys are back with their self-titled debut LP on Big Neck Records. It was worth the wait.

Here we have nine tracks of raw garage hardcore punk blasted out at 100 miles an hour. Once again the band puts all kinds of shit in the blender – Black Flag, scruffy NWOBHM like Motörhead and Tank, sleaze punk like The Humpers, and the screaming hardcore of The Bronx. Then they add a magnum of Everclear 190 and serve it on the rocks in a dirty glass. The metal riffage is front and centre on tracks like ‘Concrete Jungle Warfare‘, the Maiden-like ‘Killer’, ‘Death Breath‘ and the sinister ‘Winds of Desolation‘. It’s a 22-minute workout and you’ll sweat buckets.


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