Featured Album: DRUNK MUMS – Beer Baby

Dry January and Fit February are over but Melbourne’s Drunk Mums have us covered for mullered March. After nursing a 4-year hangover, the band is back with ‘Beer Baby‘, a 10-track kegger of a party album.

Four years can be a long time and fans may have worried that the Mums used the time to mature a little. No worries there, as ‘Beer Baby‘ is a 20-minute and 54-second straight-up rock and roll garage punk party, interspersed with a pub rock attitude, glam rock riffs, and power pop melodies. It’s all a trashy mix of good-time catchy scrappy garage punk blasted out with Flying V guitars and mullets.

Half the songs are under 2 minutes and there’s lots of punk energy to go around. The Mums embrace all kinds of punk royalty influences like – The Saints (From the Hip), The Damned (Mutant), Rezillos (Bet On Black), the hooky Oi chorus of ‘Apocalypse‘, and the angular Devo drive of ‘Not My Dad‘. There are some serious hooks to savor.

On ‘Beer Baby’, Drunk Mums are quite clear that they intend to live every day like it’s their last and this is as good a soundtrack for doing it as any.

Out on Legless Records.

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