Featured Album: CAT AND THE UNDERDOGS – ‘Punk Rock Overdrive’

On their debut full-length Punk Rock Overdrive, Sweden’s Cat and the Underdogs bottle telltale influences of late 70s punk, heaps of garage rock, and Scandanavian action rock for an elixir to cure all our worldly ails.

Members have spent time in legendary Swedish punk bands Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels (E.A.T.E.R.), AVSKUM, and Hollywood Indians, to name a few. So it goes without saying that they know their way around punk rock and you can hear Social Distortion, Stooges, and Ramones, as well as action rockers like Hellacopters and Turbonegro.

Over 10 tracks, the band rips out classic punk rock full of riffs and great hooks holding true to their love of guitar-driven garage punk.



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