‘Exitmusic’ : A Dark, Epic … Heart & Soul Experience


Beats Per Minute about ‘Exitmusic’: “An emotional journey from beginning to end through a melodramatic narrative and a lush backdrop created by the transcendent music”

‘Exitmusic’ are the freakishly talented duo of Aleksa Palladino (also an actress) and husband Devon Church, living in Brooklyn, New York. I saw them live at work at the end of last year. The whole performance was just overwhelming and Aleksa Palladino’s voice is ‘out of this world’. Also last year (2012) they released their debut album “Passage”.


What the other critics said?

Bowless : “I can’t state strongly enough the destructive beauty of what might be the most affecting debut of the year”

Pitchfork : “It’s audacious and ambitious, twisting lyrics about depravity and loneliness into shared anthems meant for overcoming both”

The Guardian: “It’s a tsunami of pop noise”

Drowned in Music: “It’s clear from the start of debut album Passage that Exitmusic are striving for the epic, the panoramic, the intransient – what ambition!”

NME: “For all its bleak, dark fissures, bright and tender lights serenely burst out with hope”

About the band: http://weareexitmusic.com/
About Aleksa Palladino: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksa_Palladino

These are 3 gems from the debut album …

1/ ‘Passage’

2/ ‘White Noise’

3/ ‘Storms’

Exitmusic – Live on KEXP – 10/18/2011 –

1/ 00.00 The Sea (from four-track EP entitled ‘From Silence’ in 2011)
2/ 04.54 The Modern Age (on debut album)
3/ 10.35 The Hours (‘From Silence’ EP)
4/ 15.00 The Silence (‘From Silence’ EP)

Pics from their gig in Belgium – November 15, 2012

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