Exclusive with The Ex Bombers and a look at their 3rd LP New Love Is Easy

This brilliant band ever hardly heard on the web, unless it is a live recorded video, have released their 3rd LP New Love Is Easy. I have acquired an advanced copy From The Ex-Bombers. You can acquire your copy on their website July 10th. If you are lucky enough to be in Springfield Illinois on July 10th, you can get an amazing performance of all three of their LP’s and pick them up in person at Buzz Bomb Brewing. The show is free and very suggested by Benny Fuzz. The Ex-Bombers are a must see live Psychedelic Jazz Noir Blues Explosion. New Love Is Easy a shining example of the sort of thing you would expect to hear at their shows.

This is the first album from the Springfield Illinois duo since their sophomore album 5 Star Night, preceded by their debut album The Tightwire, By the way both were amazing albums to get your ears on if you can find copies! New Love Is Easy finds us in a post pandemic world and aligns with the feeling quite nicely. Locked in tight places all over the psych just dripping with blues from Nancy’s 8 string bass. Kerri and her Jazz Noir Explosions of drum beats dropping like heart beats of a raging primitive beast long forgotten. This album comes together and sticks to your ears like glue. Pulls on your heart strings during tracks like the title one New Love IS Easy. It does not leave you there long as your slammed right into the face as side B starts off into Cannibal, Cannibal, Cannibal.

The primal rage is prevalent throughout the entire album. The first side has beats made from tearing checkbooks, pens writing in checkbooks and glasses tuned to the song. All these surprises and more waiting for your ears to discover. The second side finds time for the 9 minute 3 song ending played all at once in one studio take! Sounding like the beat will take you for a rollercoaster ride you soon will not forget.  I will leave that one to be discovered by you.

They have allowed me to record a video of my favorite tune from the album. Beat Heart Beat. Enjoy and follow all corresponding links because you do not want to miss out connecting with such amazing artist as these. The mystic creatures of music have made another hit album. This comes mostly to us in physical form. I highly regard the honor in not having this on every website. You have to reach out and touch another human and gain physical access to physical music and that is what it is all about.


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