The consensus of stereotype and straight out presumption when it comes to Mexican culture are ones generally born out of sheer ignorance or an arrogant unwillingness to actually dare to learn something different. Of course, this incredible country does have its endless deserts, its dense jungles, its vast mountain ranges, a myriad of indigenous cultures dating back thousands of years, stunning colonial architecture, a rich and revolutionary political history, unbelievably mind-blowing food, wonderful people and sure, like anywhere, it also has its fair share of problems.

But this country has so much more.

Bubbling deep throughout major cities across Los Estados Unidos de Mexico is a musical counterculture that not only rivals that of its American counterparts, but it damn near blows it to smithereens. Taking heed from a punk, garage and trash rock scene that has been so deeply engrained within American underground music for decades, Mexican rockers are grabbing it by the balls and giving it the pinch and twist that it has so desperately needed in recent years especially. Check out bands like Ugly Miss Piggy, Bloody Benders and Los Sustos as a great starting point.

Another one of these incredible Mexican bands lashing out against a systemic drive of mediocrity and overall musical criminality is Electric Shit. Hailing from the bowels of one of the most violent municipalities in the country, Ecatepec, Electric Shit combine a trash can of scrap blues, punk attitude and hell of a lot of over the top volume to create some of the most killer garage sounds circling the world’s airwaves at this very moment.

For their latest track, the swaggered, hairy balls-to-the-wall ‘Sally Mae’Electric Shit have teamed up with none other than the most blistering harmonica player ever to blow excess spit and saliva into a poor, unsuspecting instrument, Walter Daniels. Having performed with a whole stack of wild and killer bands over the years –Oblivians, Jack O’ Fire, Daddy Long Legs, to name but a few- Daniels brings his wealth of experience and dangerous blow to an Electric Shit track that is already laden with spit-fuelled venom, vitriol and a pretty damn mad swagger of its own.

So please, put down the Coronas, stop reading the paranoiac U.S. governmental reports that you’re gonna die if you travel south of the border, and put on some goddamn Electric Shit with Walter Daniels. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

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