Eddie Cochran




C’mon Everybody

Summertime Blues

Three Steps To Heaven

Somethin’ Else

Nervous Breakdown

Twenty Flight Rock

Jelly Bean

Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie

Strollin’ Guitar

Cotton Picker

‘Cotton Picker’ is taken from the film ‘Untamed Youth’ which Eddie was in.

Watch the trailer for the film here: Untamed Youth Trailer

Movie description: Untamed Youth – IMDb Description

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Music addict for life, so I am in the right place.. :)

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  • Thanks so much for mentioning “Untamed Youth!” I’ve never seen it before, but now plan to change that in the near future. Came across this short documentary earlier this week about Eddie’s final days. Sharon Sheeley is interviewed/spotlighted throughout, which is pretty cool. http://youtu.be/_Ex8thOruSU

    • Thanks for the reply & the link, which I’m about to post 🙂 Hope you enjoy the film when you see it 🙂

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