“Drown your soul with Booze and Blackgrass on Fat Tuesday” – “Saturn Bar” by Elouise

I’ve seen about 15 Bands in 3 days followed by a once a year 2am ending inventory at work, it’s now 6:16am and almost time to take Jude to school. I love it all! so on this Fat Tuesday,join me and dig on this track from Elouise . After all of the serious amount of fun I’ve had over these last few days, this is about as close as I can get to perfection in music. Give a listen to this track and get lost in these blues laden , jazzy undertones from Elouise.

Drown your soul with Booze and Blackgrass on Fat Tuesday. Take a sonic trip to the bottom and New Orleans Ninth Ward with Elouise at the Saturn Bar. “Along worn down edges Louisiana streets we ride. Straight to an atmosphere where Heaven and Hell Collide. Liquor hits my lips like sweet communion. A man, I think it’s Jesus, been sitting here since noon. Going to the other side. Follow the Southern Stars. It will lead us to Salvation….at the Saturn Bar.”

Saturn Bar is a sonic homage to my favorite dive in the Ninth Ward. I hung out there whenever I found myself in NOLA. It was long before the big flood. I heard about it from a lawyer after our cars collided outside New Orleans. I asked the nice southern gentleman for a good dive bar recommendation. The Saturn Bar came up.

He did not think I should go there alone and said I may not be able to get a cab out. He warned that most cabs didn’t go out there late at night because the neighborhood was dangerous after dark. So of course…I went.

My journey began with a cab driver hopped up on speed. He was sweating, jittery and had a loaded gun on the front seat when he picked me up. He told me he was itching to shoot a car jacker that night because it just became legal.

He kept looking back at me and playing with his gun. In a moment that seemed like it would never end, I stared past the windshield at the southern stars and the black night sky on the other side of the tracks as the train rushed in front of us. In an agitated state, he went on and on about his murderous plans. I thought that was it for me, but sure enough, a few minutes later we pulled up to the dingy corner neighborhood establishment. The street was all dark except for a little old flickering sign with the planet Saturn on it.

In a strangely protective tone, the driver asked me if I wanted him to wait outside. I declined and took my chances with the unknown. I was not sure I was gonna make it out on that one, but I did… and I definitely had earned a few drinks. It was never too crowded when I went there. Just a smattering of local bar flies here and there. O’Neil, the proprietor, was quite the host and would try to get the ladies to try on a pair of pink satin panties he kept behind the bar. He had pictures of past models (I am using that word liberally) that he was more than happy to show to anyone with interest.

A cat sauntered across the bar rubbing it’s fur against the container of straws. A chicken wandered about. A cockroach lay belly up right in front of the women’s toilet. The beer was cold and the liquor was cheap but the bar was like nothing I had seen. It was dark, mysterious and a hoarders delight. It was scary. It was friendly. It was a whole other level of reality. It was Heaven. It was Hell.

The place was filled with murals and art and curiosities lit up only by colored neon lights. One of the patrons, Mike Frolich, had painted the murals as a make shift art gallery for the local children since it was a poor neighborhood and there were no museums in that area. Demons being ridden by whores, red skies and ships sailing to the New World.

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