The Dogs – Detroit Rock and Roll Forever!

Formed in the late 60s in Lansing, Michigan The Dogs rode shotgun through the Detroit rock and roll scene of the 70s, making a name for themselves with their heavy riffs and punk attitude. Later, the power rock trio left Michigan for New York and Los Angeles becoming instrumental in the punk movement.

Over the years they played with the likes of MC5, Ramones, Television, Dictators, AC/ DC, Kiss, and Van Halen to name a few, before packing it in in the early 80s. They hung around through the 80s and 90s performing in other bands until 1999 when Dionysus Records released the compilation album “Fed Up.” This spurred a new record or three: “Suburban Nightmare” in 2003; “Hypersensitive” in 2012 and an EP “Ain’t Going Nowhere” last year.

A quick Discogs search for their 1978 classic live to tape single “Slash Your Face” finds the original Detroit Records version going for over $600. But now thanks to Almost Ready Records you can get these three raw and dirty trailblazing tracks for $7!

Kick out the jams!

Loren Molinare – Guitar, Vocals
Mary Kay- Bass, Vocals
Ron Wood – Drums
Tony Matteuchi – Drums
Ken Mundy – Drums (occasional)

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The Dogs

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