DIY Project ATTU with New Single Staying Together

Giving us something to look forward to in 2017, North Londoner Stefan Antoinette releases single “Staying Together”. ATTUThe track has a light and airy feel, lyrics and vocals flying high with talks of sentimental thoughts and bittersweet tones. Antoinette explains “It’s about feeling like you’re trying to make things work but you keep getting in your own way. Whether that’s friends or lovers. Sometimes it’s not the people around you having a difference of opinion, it’s you being in your own head too much.” Antoinette started ATTU as a side project for previous band Delta/Alaska. ATTU is a small island off the coast of Alaska. This album will be totally DIY, produced and recorded by Antoinette in his home studio. Check it out for yourself below, the release date is set for early December.

Check out their website and like them on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and bandcamp

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