Dig It…..Beat Girl (a.k.a. WILD FOR KICKS) (Full Movie) 1961


Beat GIRL (a.k.a. WILD FOR KICKS) 1960
U.K. film. Excellent quality. 4:3 aspect ratio. Rare, uncut striptease version. The British beatnik scene! Sleazy and irresistible! Adam Faith can really rock. You can hear the Eddie Cochran influence in the song, “Made You.” Impressive! Great coffee bar rock and roll scenes. Rock-ala jukebox.

A moody, sullen teenage beatnik girl digs her heels in when her father remarries and she discovers her new “mother” has a sordid past! Beatniks, chicken, drag racing and striptease. The is a “50s teen movie’ that has everything going for it.

Adam Faith songs include: “Made You” and “I Did What You Told Me.” John Barry 7 soundtrack includes: “Beat Girl” and “The Stripper.” Gillian Hills, Adam Faith, Christopher Lee, Oliver Reed, Noelle Adam, Nigel Green. Beat Girl!



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