Diaries of a Phish n00b. (Continued…)

Phish isn’t exactly known for its profound lyrics.

However, this week, I discovered the song, “Contact,” and was once again reminded exactly why this is the greatest band of all time.

“The tires are the things on your car
That make contact with the road
The car is the thing on the road
That takes you back to your abode

The tires are the things on your car
That make contact with the road
Bummed is what you are
When you go out to your car and it’s been towed”

As the late Harris Wittels once said, “Phish is everything and nothing. That’s what makes them great.” (Or something like that!)

I have had this song on repeat this week, as it makes me smile nonstop. I love watching Trey crack up throughout the song. It’s amazing to me that a group of such musical geniuses will always have such a great sense of humor. It’s refreshing and just one of the million things I love about this band.

The Fall Tour kicks off tonight in South Carolina, and I am more than excited about my upcoming trip to Vegas to see three shows out of four at the MGM Grand Arena. My only regret is that I didn’t commit to four. I should have. Dammit. Three nights of Phish. What’s better? Four. OK, we all learn our lesson.

When I sent a message to my good friend who got me into Phish in the first place, and I told him about my discovery of “Contact,” he said, “You should wear this on Halloween night in Vegas.”


That’s my costume. Oh wait, no, that’s real life. I am going as a tattooed Wonder Woman with eyeglasses.

Is it Vegas time yet, my Phish people? It’s all I can think about!

My Phish education continues…

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