David Bowie’s ‘Low’ – Best Album Of The 70s?

According to Pitchfork it certainly is:
“Released in January 1977, Low was the most potent and encompassing hybridization of pop music’s many modes to that point, an album that continues to resonate as a syncretic masterpiece three decades later… Politically, Low is a singular and brutal indictment of the only thing Bowie’s native England cared about in January 1977: punk rock.
To a man who lived through Iggy and – let’s be honest – designed Johnny Rotten, punk’s brief lifespan and predominantly societal (rather than musical) impact were foregone conclusions.
That Bowie could see past the flames to paint this horizon is irrefutable evidence of his solipsistic genius. Balancing process art, experimentalism and rock ‘n’ roll tradition, Low is Bowie unrefined, the most captivating effort from the decade’s most-watched man. (Chris Ott – Pitchfork) …

1. Speed Of Life- 0:00
2. Breaking Glass- 2:48
3. What In The World- 4:41
4. Sound And Vision- 7:05
5. Always Crashing In The Same Car- 10:09
6. Be My Wife- 13:44
7. A New Career In A New Town- 16:41
8. Warszawa- 19:35
9. Art Decade- 25:59
10. Weeping Wall- 29:47
11. Subterraneans- 33:15

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