DAVID BOWIE Released His Ingenious ‘HEROES’ LP 40 Years Ago…

13 October 2017

Album: HEROES – his 12th LP – the second of the so-called Berlin trilogy…
Released: 14 October 1977 – 40 years ago…
Rolling Stone wrote: “ ‘Heroes’ is the second album in what we can now hope will be a series of David Bowie-Brian Eno collaborations because this album answers the question of whether Bowie can be a real collaborator. Like his work with Lou Reed, Mott the Hoople and Iggy Pop, Low, Bowie’s first album with Eno, seemed to be just another auteurist exploitation, this time of the Eno-Kraftwerk avant-garde. Heroes, though, prompts a much more enthusiastic reading of the collaboration, which here takes the form of a union of Bowie’s dramatic instincts and Eno’s unshakable sonic serenity. Even more importantly, Bowie shows himself for the first time as a willing, even anxious, student rather than a simple cribber. As rock’s Zen master, Eno is fully prepared to show him the way. The most spectacular moments on this record occur on the vocal side’s crazed rock & roll. Working inside the new style Bowie forged for Iggy Pop, “Beauty and the Beast” makes very weird but probable connections between the fairy tale, Iggy’s angel-beast identity & Jean Cocteau’s Surrealist Catholicism, a crucial source for his film of the tale.”
My impression: together with ‘Low’ one of my all time favorite Bowie albums – innovative, bold, adventurous and ingenious in sound (especially the instrumentals) and vision…
Three top tracks: Sense Of Doubt / Heroes / The Beauty And The Beast

* SENSE OF DOUBT mysterious and haunting

* HEROESinevitable diamond

* THE BEAUTY AND THE BEASTfunky live rendition (Tokyo 1978)…

Full album…

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