Dancin’ With Wolves… Out Today , A few words with…Natural Child

natural child

The day is finally here. From Burger Records comes the new album from one of my top coolest bands on the planet…Natural Child. They straddle that world between Country and Rock that very few have excelled at. With one foot in the Steel Guitar tradition of Country Rock and the other in the no holds barred rebel we’ll do what we wanna do rock n roll comes Natural Child. These songs are what draws me to them, that slide guitar gets me every time and these guys are full of stories of the road. Catchy as anything you ever heard from The Byrds and a little more true to the tradition than lets say some of the easy listening Folk/Country Rock of the mid 70’s. Cocky as hell and full of FU attitude , ladies and gentlemen this is classic time won’t forget stuff going on here, I’m talkin Sweethearts of The Rodeo 2014. Exile On Main Street, Gram hanging out with Keith. Great lines throughout and it all flows into what will surely be in the top of my new albums of 2014.

and now a few words from Natural Child…

Hi our name is…. Natural Child

And our sound might be best described as…. Modern Rock

We are….. Wes, Zack, and Seth

We are originally from….. Nashville

The first time we met was….. In Wes’ basement

We knew we were going to be a Band when……… When we told each other we would

Before starting the band we were employed as……. Slaves

Our craziest gig ever was…. This house party festival in Indianapolis where we were behind a pyramid and everybody was on acid

The first song we wrote was……. Easy Street

It’s about…… Watching people wish they were rich

What we are currently listening to….. Louis Armstong, meditation tapes, and silence

A few albums we could never part with…. 1971, For The Love Of The Game, Hard In Heaven, Dancin’ With Wolves

For fun we like to….. Quack like a duck

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us…… Don’t remember

Expect…. Our new LP, Dancin’ With Wolves and plenty of touring

from us in 2014….

Natural Child, Facebook

Burger Records.com

Quick thank you to Seth and Sean for getting this up and out…..

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