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This article first appeared on the old 50thirdand3rd site and has been rewritten to include new information on the Croissants.

Before I started playing guitar and singing in front of people myself, it used to be so easy to dismiss a band as shitty or lame, but now that I’ve actually stood where they stand…I have a different view. In my case, I’m sure vocal training and some mastery over my chosen instrument would make all the difference in the world, but I seriously prefer a certain roughness to all of my art. A friend of mine told me I not only accept imperfection, I demand it…and he is absolutely correct. There is a fine line between proficiency and virtuosity…there is an even finer line between a great, simple rock and roll song and a shitty, overproduced wank fest.

With that in mind, I’d like you to listen to an incredible rock and roll band from Sacramento who live on my side of that edge. The Croissants play hook heavy, straight forward songs in the garage pop/punk vein. They’re a humorous and friendly band with the sound, skill and talent to create some very exciting rock and roll. When I first started this piece I thought they would eventually end up on one of the better established indie labels like Burger or Hardly Art…boy, was I wrong…they went to Asian Man Records (listen to their side of the sold out split 7″with Union Hearts here)!

They are not sloppy punks, like my band, and they’re not rigid in their technique like a lot of ‘bro’ bands…just a loose, well-balanced group of musicians with day jobs whose upcoming record deserves to be heard. So…give this a listen and go like The Croissants’ Facebook page.


Gabba, Heather and Hans of the Croissants

Gabba, Heather and Hans

Disclaimer: My camera is a hundred dollar pocket unit with video capability…it has a pin-sized hole for a microphone and is not designed for night shoots. Over these last years of shooting I’ve noticed that:

A) drums can kill the guitars

B) guitar can overpower the vocals

C) darkness pervades

D) this is all acceptable to some degree

Still reading? Oh, well, here’s the main link to The Croissants Bandcamp page…buy music from good bands so they can make more!

Still here? Go like my Punk Retro Facebook page!

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