Creaming over “Heavy Cream”, Musical Punching, and Yogurt Smoothness

I love rock and roll. I especially like it when a band has a good sense for melody and an ear for catchy rhythms. However,If you’re anything like me, in addition to sonic pleasure, you might also like to occasionally find a band that punches you in the face musically. The “punch-in-the-face” musical mastery I speak of is in the same vein as the hardcore punk bands of the late 80’s such as Black Flag, The Misfits, or the more droned-out drudge of The Melvins. Living in 21st century in the aftermath of punk’s numerous explosions, it can be hard to find bands that blur the lines between rock and roll and metal. Not being a big metal fan myself, it is through bands that blur those lines that I find the greatest outlet for my hard-rock thrash addiction.

I first discovered Yogurt Smoothness about a year after moving to Orlando. At the time, all Orlando seemed to offer was a plethora of indie rock and electronic acts, which, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for every single one of them because they help to make the scene here as strong as it is (more the indie rock groups for me…nothing wrong with electronic stuff, just not my cup of tea). But at the first show I saw them at Backbooth in Downtown Orlando (now 2 years ago) I felt I had FINALLY received the musical punch in the face that I had been searching for. Their sound is heavy, but not over-the-top heavy metal, and their approach is simple, but with slightly psychedelic overtones and enough going on musically for any music analyzer or casual stoner in the audience to utter a genuine “whoa”.

Since that show, I’ve been to a few over the years, and they have not only kept up their musical punching, but have increased its arsenal with well-placed theatrics. Specifically, one of the things recently (at least recent as far as my attendance at their shows is concerned) they’ve added is a light show utilized to amplify some of the hard-hitting sections of their songs. Amidst a quiet break down or a relative cooling in the musical atmosphere their guitarist, Danilo Krkljus, will step on a switch that ignites a plethora of lights under the drum set and around the perimeter of the stage to epitomize a heavy hit of the snare or symbols combined with a punching squeal or low drone of a incoming sonic guitar attack. Quite an enjoyable thing to see live.

The band is a two piece, made up of guitarist/vocalist Danilo Krkljus and drummer/backup vocalist Brian Stabile. Upon asking them how they would describe their sound or genre, their response was simply “Cement”. I think I get it…harder than rock, but not quite metal…cement? I’m not sure if that was what they were going for in the description, but it seems to make sense to me! What’s more is that these hard-hitting cement rockers are on tour RIGHT NOW in support of their TOUR EXCLUSIVE new EP, “Heavy Cream”, and may be coming to a city near you! Here are the dates:

Oct 13 Hartford, CT @ house show w/ Stone Titan
Oct 15 Providence, RI @Dusk w/ tba
Oct 16 NJ @ Sex Dungeon w/ Space Drugs
Oct 17 New London, CT @ el n gee club w/ Sperm Donor, Liquid Trouble
Oct 19 Atlantic City, NJ @ The Boneyard w/ Zebras & Bulls Fight Tonight!, more
Oct 22 Columbus, OH @ Tree Bar w/ Pegasister
Oct 24 Athens, GA @ The MAX
Oct 25 Saint Augustine, FL @ Panama Hatties w/ Artilect, The Groynoodle
Oct 26 Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lous w/ Holly Hunt

Catch em on tour while you can and for more information visit their website HERE

Here’s their latest video, and below a link to their latest EP, “Heavy Cream”

Yogurt Smoothness – Heavy Cream
[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=827339927 size=small bgcol=333333 linkcol=0f91ff]

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