Cow-Punk Time 2017- Sarah Shook & the Disarmers

A few nights ago Joey and I were talking about some good old Cow-Punk . Joey had written a piece a few months back going over the history of all things Cow-Punk, great post read it if you haven’t. I had put up a song from Green On Red which had led to that conversation. Now let’s tie that in to this post that I am currently writing in my head . What I feel is the mission of 50thirdand3rd. Bringing you the best in new music. We are going to do our fair share of bringing you the best of the past, I have no doubts about that. As I look forward into the rest of 2017 , I have to remind myself that what we do best is our ability to discover the coolest folks out there who deserve some serious attention. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers fit that bill for me. I’ve been a fan of all things cow-punk since the early 80’s. I know on blip Jimmy Stagger was always right there with me and of the new gang here at 50thirdand3rd, let’s add Joey as well. It’s 2017 and cow-punk is still with us as it ought to be. Give a listen to Sarah Shook & the Disarmers , these two tracks will remind you how cool cow-punk is when done right. Shit brings a smile to my face, absolutely dig this stuff.

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