Counter-Blast — The Rockin’ Graveyard Revue Part III: Sometimes They Come Back…Again!

Glen and Shaun have come to the firm conclusion that there are only two types of bands in the world—Christmas bands and Halloween bands. On this, the third annual Halloween special, they pay tribute to the latter while trying to decide if bands like Helloween and Slayer are really as scary as they seem, or just a bunch of “ice cream eating motherfuckers.” Light some candles, dust off your copy of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, put on a clean cape, and listen along in terror as we unleash the third installment of “The Rockin’ Graveyard Revue!”

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Having listened to thousands of albums, watched dozens of episodes of VH1’s Behind the Music, and read more self-serving rock star autobiographies than they’d care to admit, Glen and Shaun bring their collective musical knowledge to bear as the co-hosts of Counter-Blast. You don’t care.

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