Counter-Blast — Make a Scratch Noise Here!

Glen and Shaun freely admit that they’re no experts on what constitutes great hip hop or rap music, but they’re pretty sure they can tell when somebody’s just “doing some of THAT.” By adding a little Rap Sound™—fake hand claps, cheese-ball scratching, synth horns, and plenty of orchestra hits—even the most clueless celebrity, floundering musician, or professional athlete can be transformed into an overnight rap sensation! (According to the top brass upstairs, anyway.) So slip on a track suit, turn up your boombox, and join Glen and Shaun as they try and figure out what to do with that second turntable on “Make a Scratch Noise Here!”

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Having listened to thousands of albums, watched dozens of episodes of VH1’s Behind the Music, and read more self-serving rock star autobiographies than they’d care to admit, Glen and Shaun bring their collective musical knowledge to bear as the co-hosts of Counter-Blast. You don’t care.

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