Counter-Blast Goes Disco!

In the late 70s, who could rock ‘n’ roll fans depend on to provide an alternative to the disco-saturated music scene? Well, certainly not their favorite rock ‘n’ roll bands, that’s for sure. Even as angry fans declared “Disco Sucks” and tore apart Comiskey Park in Chicago in 1979, hard rock titans like Kiss, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, and Cheap Trick were applying the formula to their own sounds with varying degrees of success (or failure). Hosts Glen and Shaun take on the band wagon jumpers and Johnny-Travolta-come-latelys on their latest episode, “Counter-Blast Goes Disco!”

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Having listened to thousands of albums, watched dozens of episodes of VH1’s Behind the Music, and read more self-serving rock star autobiographies than they’d care to admit, Glen and Shaun bring their collective musical knowledge to bear as the co-hosts of Counter-Blast. You don’t care.

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