Counter-Blast — A Salute to the Dystopian Future!

It’s the end of the world as Glen and Shaun know it, but they don’t feel fine—and with the threat of nuclear annihilation, totalitarian governments, and Puppet Phil Collins looming in the not-to-distant future, who could blame them?  With that in mind, they’ve holed up in their underground bunkers to discuss their favorite songs forewarning the end of the world. So grab your canned goods and don your radiation suits as Glen and Shaun try and determine if we’re all going to die from nuclear fallout, hostile androids, or in the arms of perennially dreamy Simon LeBon on “A Salute to the Dystopian Future!”

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Having listened to thousands of albums, watched dozens of episodes of VH1’s Behind the Music, and read more self-serving rock star autobiographies than they’d care to admit, Glen and Shaun bring their collective musical knowledge to bear as the co-hosts of Counter-Blast. You don’t care. counterblastshow.com

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