The Corridors: Tel Aviv’s Alt-Rock Export Sensation

When audiophiles think of music in “international” categories, they’re usually curious enough to look beyond a country’s stereotypical designation. Unlike the average listeners of Putumayo World Music comps, music junkies will do the necessary legwork to explore cultures outside of their own for that next aural thrill. While soccer moms will naturally name off Bob Marley when they think of Jamaica, National Geographic-proportioned rock fans may look instead to Orisha Shakpana, a metal band that sings about paganism, not “One Love”. As a Japanese export, Kitaro will be familiar to NPR supporters, but the Flower Travelin’ Band will forever remain cult heroes to dedicated crate diggers. And if you mention German music to your Grandparents, naturally polka comes to mind, not “Balls To the Wall” by Accept. So, it would come as no surprise that if Israel becomes a topic of (musical) discussion, that violinist/conductor/pedagogue/distant cousin to Howie Mandel, Itzhak Perlman reigns supreme as that country’s superstar.

But beyond the esteemed classical and jazz recordings, there does exist alternative rock that’s making globetrotting rounds…

Despite some lounging around, the Corridors will not be resting on their laurels.

Straight out of Tel Aviv (Yafo, to be precise), the Corridors have emerged as a figurehead in alt-rock circles in Israel and beyond, thanks in part to the attention they’ve gained from the music press. Formed in the early 2000s, vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Adi Mosko, bassist Roi Tal, guitarist Daniel Nahmod, and drummer Peleg Mor combined their talents to create a reconstituted take on their love for classic and contemporary alternative rock. Plying their sound on the live circuit, the Corridors began to see their stock rise as the attendance of their gigs began to increase as word traveled around. In 2009, they released their debut album, “The Motion Of the Wheels”, which saw its first single, “Part Of You”, reach the No. 1 spot on the Israel Alternative Chart, where it stayed for more than a month. The second single, “Chain Reaction”, reached the Top 10 in the Our Stage Chart, and more than ten months on the N1M charts, peaking at No. 5. The band’s international acclaim took flight when they entered a live video clips contest with Jango Radio in the U.S., where they achieved over 100 air plays, sending “Chain Reaction” to No. 25 on Museboat Radio. A third single, “Waiting For A Miracle”, reached the No. 3 spot on the 365 Radio Network. In 2010, the Corridors began a series of “Unplugged” style concerts, which proved very successful, thus cementing their status as arena rock behemoths. In 2013, Adi and his crew delighted fans with two different variations of live shows: There was the “Kick Ass” tour, a full-blown rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza, and there were a series of more of the acoustic type of performances, adding a cello and a piano to the proceedings. In May of that year, they brought the best of both worlds together for a full-on event that resulted in a two-part DVD release. Inspired by their “Unplugged” homages, the Corridors released the acoustic/electronics album “Our Days Our Nights” in 2015, which was followed by positive reviews by XPR Radio, the Equal Ground, and Joshua Tree Radio, among others.

This was more proof that the group had the ability to harness their prodigious abilities into a growing repertoire of recordings that couldn’t be rivaled by peers in their native land.

This is definitely not the “End Of the Times” for the Corridors.

The latest release from the Corridors, “End Of the Times” (which dropped on May 19 from Bongo Boy Records), is an innovative mix that combines a diverse galaxy of genres into a musical journey that brings to mind such explorations as the “Forget Yourself” album from the Church, the neo-psychedelia of Oasis, and the sonic landscape of Smashing Pumpkins. Adi’s vocals at times sound like the intertwining of Liam Gallagher and Billy Corgan, and his musicianship, accompanied by Roi, Daniel, and Peleg, creates a post-punk variance of “Joshua Tree”-era U2. The flourishes of prog, jangly alt-pop, and New Order-style electronica is very reminiscent of ’80s college radio. The album is a collection of mood music, ranging from laid back thought-provokers to guitar-driven anthems. Listening to this album, you’ll also pick up hints of Howie Day, Garbage, Beck, and the Stone Roses, making this a smorgasbord to satisfy with its Brit-pop leanings. Highlights include the title track, “Chain Reaction”, “Delicate Condition”, “Raindrops”, and the chill of “Empty Holes”. It’s no surprise that this release has already garnered critical acclaim, most notably from New Music Ear, Rockbandom Magazine, and the 365 Radio Network. It’ll only be a matter of time before the Corridors achieve mainstream success here in the States, especially with their well-crafted tunes primed for the contemporary and adult alternative radio market. So successful perhaps, that they’ll even overtake the status of Mr. Itzhak Perlman as the supreme superstars of Israel.

“End Of the Times”:

“Chain Reaction”:

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