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This is the new sound out of Southern California. It’s trippy-surf, it punk-surf, call it what you want, one things for sure, it’s a whole lotta fun. The Aquadolls capture the spirit of the sound as well as the best of any of these new bands. The vocals are going to remind you of some of the great ladies of the sixties, the music has the surf guitar with some fuzz thrown in the mix. I like this band because they have fun and that shines through all that they do .I expect to be hearing a lot about The Aquadolls in 2014.

 Hi our name is….

The Aquadolls!

And our sound might be best described as….

A mix of 60s rock, 90s riot-grrl, and topped off with mermaid sparkles.
We are…..

Melissa Brooks, Ryan Frailich, Christian Karapetian, and Kailee Westwood.
We are originally from…..
Seal Beach, CA
Growing up we listened to

Britney Spears, The Beatles, and The Shangri-Las.

 The first time we met was…..

when we had our first band practice! Kailee had just joined the band that day. It was Ryan and Christian’s first time meeting her, and then we jammed right after. Super good vibes from the start.

We knew we were going to be a Band when………

FOREVER!!! I have always wanted to start my own band and just never met the right people. After a year or so of switching around members, I am stoked on the lineup we have now 🙂

Before starting the band we were …….

high school losers who all had our own bands! I think it’s cool how we have all fronted a band before The Aquadolls. Ryan had his band Lazee Lavenders, Christian was in Adapt, and Kailee was in Girl Problems.

The first song we wrote was…….

We Are Free, off our first EP. I wrote that song when I was a high school senior and was desperately looking to start a girl band.
It’s about……

 a guy who rebelled against his society in order to get attention, but in the end, he realizes that he doesn’t need to impress anyone and is happy with himself.
 The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to us……
is to ENJOY LIFE and DON’T LET PEOPLE BRING YOU DOWN! good vibes, good times, and self-love.
Expect….. A bunch of new songs from us in 2014, as well as vinyl for our first album “Stoked On You”.
Interview made by Scott Rex /2013 © Copyright 50thirdand3rd. com /2013

The Aquadolls Facebook

The Aquadolls Bandcamp

Once again, I want to thank The Aquadolls for taking the time to answer these questions

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