Conway Twitty – Hello, Darlin’ (1970)

I can’t remember the first time I listened to Conway Twitty on my own, by choice. He was one of my grandfather’s favorites, and after his death (I mean my grandfather’s, though the men died within two years of each other) Conway’s voice offered nostalgia and comfort. From his early years as a pompadoured crooner to even his cheesy open-shirt 80s stuff, I just can’t help but love Conway.

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Hello Darlin’, the album Conway released in 1970, is one of my favorite Conway records and probably the most popular, or at least the go-to gateway record for new Conway fans.

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The album ends with one of the best Conway ballads of all time. It’s a heart-breaker, but in the best possible way. Here he is doing it live. Try not to cry.

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  • I wonder if my mom still has the pics of her and Conway…there was a pic of her and her sister together with Conway too…I always liked him since I was big country and western fan in the 5th grade…I liked him even more when I heard his early rock and roll…My aunt was living with us at the time and knew most of the stars personally via her friendship with radio legend Bill Mac

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