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A few years back when we started 50thirdand3rd , Amy Gore was one of the first to do a interview with us. In the years before this site when the original gang was spending hours every day and night playing records on BlipFm , The Gore Gore Girls where one of my most played bands. All of us loved the Gore Gore Girls, how could you not, kick ass Ladies sporting go go boots and gretsch guitars , with a sound that blew away any ill conceived notion that an all girl band couldn’t hang with the boys. So when we started 50thirdand3rd and Amy Gore acknowledge us with an interview , that blew us away as a compliment of the highest order. A few years later Alicia and I started following each other on Twitter and I was duly impressed with all that she has done and accomplished as a drummer ( Pro Drummer (Kate Nash, Kelly Osbourne, Miley Cyrus, Lillix, DOHRN, Gore Gore Girls) which finally gets this little stream of consciousness to the point. As I was leaving work the other day, I had a message from Alicia, asking if I would like to Interview her about the reunion and tour that The Gore Gore Girls are about to embark on. My reply was ” Are You kidding me”


1. What do you think the legacy of Gore Gore Girls is and do you see that legacy as a reason to show a new generation of fans how rock is supposed to be done?

The world needs more female ROCK musicians…ladies who aren’t afraid of a little sweat…who completely rip apart a stage, while wearing high heeled boots and big guitars. Music is so generic and polished these days with cookie-cutter songs and cookie-cutter artists.GGG take it back to the roots! The band has always blended the legendary, gritty Detroit Rock, Girl Group and Motown sounds. Lux Interior once called it “The Ronettes with guitars”. If there was ever a time and need for the Gore, that time is now.

2. How did this reunion come about ?
I’ve played with a lot of bands and GGG has always been one of my favs. Over the years, I’ve gone through phases of really missing (making music) with them. On New Year’s Day, I randomly texted Amy Gore and said something like, “So…are we gonna rock some faces off this year or what?” and to my surprise, she said “Yes!”. A few days later, Amy and I were on it! We got right on the phone and started making plans to put this together.

3. Is there a possibility that the tour will extend beyond the six dates listed below .
I didn’t know that there was a possibility to do THESE dates so, never say never. I would love to see us do more shows throughout the year, depending on how this run goes.

4. Have you all been together to rehearse and if so how much fun has it been to be together again?
We haven’t been together yet for rehearsal! The band is kind of split in two…Marlene (The Hammer) and I live in Los Angeles and Amy and Lianna live in Detroit. We’re all practicing on our own and will come together for the first time in Mexico. I can’t wait! Super excited to see the girls. It’s going to be so good to ROCK stages together again.

5. Are there any plans to introduce new music and have you talked about doing a new album?
Right now, we’re just focused on these upcoming shows and seeing where that takes us. I think it’s hard to have that kind of conversation when we haven’t played together in 8 years and we live in different parts of the country. Time will tell…

6. Any last words for all your fans who have waited a few years for all of you to get back together..

Thanks for sticking with the GORE!!

Gore Gore Girls:
Gore Gore Girls.com
Bloodshot Records/ Gore Gore Girls

Catch the Gore Gore Girls at a City near you…


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