CONSPIRACY OF WOMEN: Gals of First Wave Punk

Hello co-conspirators! I wanted to share something I have been working on.

I recently started an Instagram™ account to shed more light on women of pre-riot grrrl punk.



On the feed, I’m recognizing artists who are relatively high profile and many who dip below-the-radar (depending on whose radar), so what you see on it will be a good mixture of both relatively-know and underground artists.

Cynthia Kraman of Seattle’s Chinas Comidas. Photographer unknown.

The featured artists don’t necessarily fall into specific categories, so it’s hard to emphatically label them. A loose descriptor might be “women of first-wave punk and its adjacent genres,” meaning some ladies who played punk, proto-punk, post-punk, new wave, no-wave, proto-punk, proto-metal, proto-grunge, and cool stuff like that between the mid-’70s and mid-’80s.

Pregnant punk rocker Rockee Berlin of Detroit’s Flirt. From the band’s “Don’t Push Me / Degenerator” 7″ .

A few artists featured so far include Cynthia Kraman of Chinas Comidas Rockee Berlin of Flirt, and Chas Hines of Bona Rays. (Also, I am taking this posting thing pretty slowly, so bear with me.)

Chas Hines of London’s little known band Bona Rays. Photo from their “Poser / Getaways” 7″.

On the IG™, I am curating Stories™ with song samples from my record collection which I am organizing by location. Additionally, I have a link to a playlist of featured artists (if their songs exist on Spotify™) in the bio of the IG™.

Feel free to follow along on Instagram™ for this journey and PLEASE always hit me up with facts, stories, recommendations and the like!!

: @conspiracyofwomen



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