Record of the Day – The Compulsions “Dirtbag Blues” Premiere

I’ll admit it. I ignore a hell of a lot of emails. But when an email shoots into the inbox from none other than Rob Carlyle of The Compulsions touting a new song and the future release of a new album, the least I can do is show it some damn respect. Damn glad I did.

I hate to use the term but I’m going to anyway, The Compulsions are somewhat of a supergroup, featuring Rob Carlyle on lead vocals/guitar, the legendary Earl Slick (David Bowie/John Lennon collaborator) also on guitar, another legendary axeman Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses ‘Chinese Democracy’ era/Lita Ford collaborator), ex-Raging Slab bassist Alec Morton and former New York Dolls drummer Brian Delaney. In a nutshell, this onslaught of a cast is fucking devastating.

Carlyle -Compulsions’ founder- has had the privilege of playing with some of rock ‘n’ roll’s finest performers over the years including Guns N’ Roses pair Frank Ferrer and Richard Fortus, as well as Sami Yaffa of Hanoi Rocks and New York Dolls who were all part of a previous but no less cracking Compulsions incarnation. But this isn’t a name dropping session, this is all about premiering a one-minute attack of the senses called ‘Dirtbag Blues’.

The beauty of ‘Dirtbag Blues’ is that the epitome of The Compulsions can pretty much be summed up in its one-minute shakedown, something the PMRC would be most interested in if they weren’t the stenching carcass of irrelevancy that they are today. Cocaine, Motorhead and blow jobs all play significant cameos in this inner city role call of vices and -some might say- virtues, and really, what the hell else can one ask for?

Frontman Rob Carlyle portrays the song brilliantly:

‘Dirtbag Blues’ is less than a minute long but it’s got enough sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll to fill an entire album. I challenged myself to write a song that ‘tells a story’ in 60 seconds or less. It wasn’t easy but it was a good songwriting exercise and it was a blast to record. We basically tried to combine MOTÖRHEAD with CHUCK BERRY and maybe a little Sunset Strip-style sleaze.”


Mission accomplished.

Earl Slick, Rob Carlyle

The ‘Dirtbag Blues’ video was released on The Compulsions’ Instagram and YouTube pages on Friday, December 15th, and features an obvious homage to Dylan’s pop culture icon, the ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ clip.

“The video is just a little something to give fans while we finish up the new album. Like the recording, we had a lot of fun filming this. We did three or four takes in about 20 minutes. Then we went to lunch for a couple of hours.”


If ‘Dirtbag Blues’ is merely the teaser, then the upcoming ‘Ferocious’ album promises to be an absolute killer. With a release date for the album looming large, the band’s many fans await in lusty anticipation, particularly if The Compulsions’ 2015 ‘Dirty Fun’ album is anything to go by. It is straight up balls to the wall dirty rock ‘n’ roll at its finest, and an ominous precursor for what is about to be unleashed.

Rob Carlyle and esteemed friends, goddamn, you’ve done it again!

Stay tuned for the impending ‘Ferocious’ release date on The Compulsions’ website, but for now, here… chew on this.

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