Cashew and Cleary Video Interview and Special Performance




Despite the pandemic, much has been going on in the universe of indie-folk rockers, Cashew and Cleary. For starters, the duo released a single earlier this year, “The Quickest Way Back Home,” and, more recently, Patrick (the “Cleary” of C&C) released a solo country EP recorded during the pandemic, aptly titled, “Cleary Country.”

Rather than opting for a traditional print interview we decided to give the video format the old college try. We discuss both the C&C release and “Cleary Country,” as well as a few fun tangents, one of them involving a run-in with legendary film-maker, David Lynch!

It was a really enjoyable time, and we hope you all enjoy the interview. The group was also kind enough to give us an exclusive performance of a song that you can see below.

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Check out Patrick Cleary’s solo debut, “Cleary Country” here



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