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all I can say is dude this is a crazy ass year for rock ‘n’ roll , the sheer amount of new talent has washed over me like a tidal wave and we still have eight weeks left.The Dearly Beloved are band that will demand your attention from the first beat. They are one serious rock band, if you turn this up you may just feel your age pulsating from the distortion and overall glorious noise , think early Dead Weather kind of vibe but with a bit more of an edge, I know right, go ahead crank this up , wake the dead….

Admission is produced by Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits) the first studio maven the band has entrusted to sit behind the control board. “We played fifteen of the songs we’d written for the album live in a small, sweaty rehearsal space in East L.A. Eight hours a day, every day, for a week for Daniel,” recalls Higgins. “The twelve tunes that were still standing after that, were recorded in 14 days at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606, on the custom built, ’70s-era Neve 8028 analog console that gave us Nevermind and more than a hundred certified gold and platinum rock records.”
Based out of Toronto, Dearly Beloved generates a furious sonic rumble that resonates from deep inside themselves, shaking the foundations of all you hold dear, and it’s one of the loudest sounds you’ll ever hear. Touring constantly, in their native Canada, and internationally, Dearly Beloved have supported Swervedriver, Cancer Bats, July Talk, and this past May opened for Eagles of Death Metal at Canadian Music Week. Fully-fledged keepers of the rock n’ roll flame, but with the speed and primal energy of hardcore punks like Fear and Black Flag and the his / her vocal interplay of The Pixies, Dearly Beloved are raucous and severe, expanding their dynamic range in every sense.

Meet – Dearly Beloved

For those unfamiliar with your music, can you can you give us a little of your back history?

We’re a sweaty, noisey mix of rock n’ roll, punk, hardcore, prog, sludge and psych based in Toronto that tours a lot and recently recorded a new album with producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits) at Studio 606 in Los Angeles. It was released October 28th by Aporia Records and we’re getting ready to kick off a European tour November 16th in Warsaw, Poland. We live to make records and tour and have been lucky enough to support bands like Swervedriver, Juliette Lewis and the Licks and Sloan on national tours of Canada, the US and the UK in recent times.

2) Who would you list as your musical influence?

Personally, songs by Rob Wright and Jimi Hendrix first got me hooked on writing … and bass players like John Entwhistle and Cliff Burton inspired me to play the way I do. As a band, we’re influenced by a wide range of stuff. In the van lately we’ve been listening to a lot of rap music during the day – anything from Run The Jewels to Cypress Hill to J Dilla … Canadian hardcore like Cursed and NoMeansNo always gets the blood flowing … Ambient, dark and super chill vibes like Scott Walker certainly have always had a place during our late night hauls. It all influences and inspires what we do when we get together to make music.

3) What’s the coolest thing that’s happened to you since you started up?

Good question. Honestly, we’ve been afforded some pretty great experiences as a band. Our time in Joshua Tree writing and recording at Rancho De La Luna was a life changing experience. Getting support and respect from a bass legend like Mike Watt is still surreal – that man is pure spirit – playing a show with him and his band was a life changing experience … but I guess since nothing really tops touring for us I’d have to say the coolest thing that’s happened to us since we started was getting to do national runs of the US and the UK as direct support for Swervedriver … 14 dates overseas and 21 in the States. The London, Manchester, Glasgow and New York City shows were, in particular, a fucking blast.

4) What are your hopes and dreams as a musician for the next few years?

To get better at all of it every day. All aspects. To tour more. To have fun. To connect with other humans.

5) What are some of your favorite albums from the past few years?

Rub by Peaches
Run the Jewels 2
Metz 1
To Be Kind by Swans
Glow In The Dark by Death Valley Girls

6) Do you see any real use for social media, or is it all just a pain in the ass to keep with?

Well it certainly connects people. If you want to look at it as a pain in the ass I would imagine that’s not difficult to do. The internet makes plenty of negativity and utter bullshit available on an hourly basis, it seems, and just participating can sometimes be a bummer but obviously it’s also bringing people together and I appreciate what some folks put out there. I’m not so into what a person just ate for lunch but if David Simon is dropping truth bombs I’m happy to be scrollin’ on by when he does.

7) Do you pay attention to reviews or comments from people about your music or do you just turn that noise off?

To say I pay no attention to those things would not be true, but we do what we do for better and for worse knowing that we’re a bunch of freaks roaming the land by the light of our own star, if you will. We’re cool with that.

? If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

Canada. Our home and native land. It’s been too long since we did a proper national tour there We’ve done something like 6 tours of Europe in the last two years. We’ll be up to 19 countries by December. If I could do a proper tour anywhere it would be a legitimate coast to coast run from British Columbia to Newfoundland. Preferably not in the winter.

9) Can music save the mortal soul or is just a good backbeat to your life?

I’m not sure about the whole mortal soul thing but music is definitely sacred. A powerful high art form that deserves respect. And it has saved me in my life many times. It is much more than a backbeat to me. From frequency to form, music is magic.

10) Any last thoughts for your fans?

1) Everyone I know is doing the best they can with what they’ve got. 2) We can’t wait to see you in person. All the love.

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