Bob Mould – ‘Sunshine Rock’

Sunshine Rock is the latest single release from über-influential, alternative rock legend, Bob Mould. This high-velocity, punk rock love song is the title track from the new solo album he’s just announced and which is set for release early next year. Sunshine Rock is an uplifting blast of the fearsome, melodic noise that became synonymous with Bob Mould through his stints as the frontman and founder member of Hüsker Dü and Sugar.

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Bob said of the album:

“I’m trying to keep things brighter these days as a way to stay alive. Sunshine Rock was such a bright, optimistic song, and once that came together, I knew that would be the title track, and that really set the tone for the direction of the album.”

Optimistic and upbeat as Sunshine Rock definitely is, the classical strings that join the guitar noise half way through give the track added depth and sensitivity. The lyrics, delivered with Bob’s trademark anguished yowl, have a hint of melancholy about them too. He’s pushing 60 these days and it looks like he’s acutely aware that there’s a lot more sand in the bottom of the hourglass than there is at the top:

The search to find a love that makes your life complete
Life is but a dance inside the power plant
So when the lights go down and people fade away
There is no second chance
There is no second chance

Bob’s right though, the tone of the track is far more likely to lift a listener out of ennui than plunge them into it – a lot like sunshine itself. It’s one to help get you through the winter.

The album, Sunshine Rock will be released on February 8th 2019 on Merge Records and Bob Mould will begin a tour of North America and Western Europe on February 14th.

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