BloggingJess Playlist: This Is Me

So I have made a bloggingjess playlist, one that I add to frequently and sporadically. I like to crawl into this playlist and hide, scream, run or dance. Thought I might share that with the world. bloggingjess playlistYes a lot of this is female driven and yes a lot of this is slightly off-key, off the perfect beaten path. It sounds different, a little rebellious, flirtatious, disgusted and still provocative and inviting. Some songs I like way more than others, but I love every song on this list. My relationship to this such playlist is almost maternal and nurturing. I want it to grow and become strong. I want one of those bumper stickers that say “my playlist beat your playlist ass”.

Check it out, let me know what you like about it, or what you don’t (if that is possible). If you want, by all means follow this playlist and we can watch it grow together…


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I am a Nashville girl who loves any kind of music you can throw her way! If I can write about that experience, you will see my passion.

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