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Writing music reviews are a lot easier when you know a little something about the artist. Knowing their story helps me pull certain things from a song or album. Listening to an album without prior knowledge is a blessing though. The same preconceptions that help when sharing my thoughts are the same ones that give me an open mind. Such as the case with The Salvation Of Morgane, the new album from Black Moon Tape on Nomad Eel Records.



Knowledge and mystery are two sides of the same coin when it comes to The Salvation Of Morgane.

During the first spin of the record, I attempted to read up on a little history. But before I opened googled, I was already taken away on a psychedelic journey within the first minute of the first track. It was right then and there I closed my web browser and just went head first into the record without a safety net of context. It was liberating.

There’s always a fair amount of spontaneity in anything one would consider experimental music. I mean it’s the very definition of the word. What Black Moon Tape does so well is experiment with a wide variety of genres without getting too far out. There are elements of shoegaze, prog, new wave, and even krautrock throughout The Salvation Of Morgane. It’s an album that knows no boundaries but never loses the listener.

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Experimentation aside, The Salvation Of Morgane is a satisfying journey of heartache and wonder.

One minute you’re clutching your fists and stomping to a Tool meets Pink Floyd beat. The next, your heart is breaking on a clean guitar/synth instrumental soundscape. Make no mistake, Black Moon Tape isn’t a scatter-brained mess of half-baked ideas, every song is clear and focused. It’s as if each song is its own opera. Sometimes it’s hopeful and passionate, other times it’s dark and brooding.

The vinyl version of The Salvation Of Morgane from Nomad Eel Records is a bit more focused and streamlined seeing as it features a slightly altered track listing. However, the few edits aren’t about course correction. It’s more about fitting a narrative. Just as with every other release from Nomad Eel, the record itself looks as good as it sounds. After spinning this album quite a few times over the course of a few days, there’s no question Black Moon Tape is in good company. The Salvation Of Morgane is a mysterious trip, to say the least, but it one of the most satisfying gambles I’ve taken all year.

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To purchase The Salvation Of Morgane on vinyl, visit Nomad Eel Records

For more information on Black Moon Tape, visit Open Your Eyes


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