BAT – Primitive Age

I gotta say off the top that I do prefer my Metal old school. I’ve struggled to keep up with the Metal scene over the years and even though I have my “newer” favourites – Mastodon, Kvelertak, Lamb of God, The Chariot, I haven’t been blown away by anything for a while.

I came across BAT after hearing that ex-DRI drummer Felix Griffin was on-board. The trio, rounded out by bassist/vocalist Ryan Waste (ex-Municipal Waste) and Nick Poulos (ex-Volture) are from Richmond, Virginia and I checked out their new 5-song demo – Primitive Age – on Bandcamp recently. It sure takes me back to the days of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. These 5 songs are raw and riff heavy slabs of concrete that mix Venom, Tank, and early Motorhead with The Misfits.

Check it out.


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