The Bands of GonerFest 13- Midnite Snaxxx

midnite snaxxxContinuing our series ‘The Band of GonerFest 13′ with Midnite Snaxxx! Midnite Snaxxx is straight outta Oakland and play some rock n’ roll, punk music that gets under your skin and comes alive. These girls have been rocking that pure and simple punk lifestyle for over 5 years now and they are still loving every minute. Influenced and inspired by those hardcore punk-rock stars of the 70’s and today, these girls can shred some mean guitars and spit out lyrics you’ll want to scream at the top of your lungs.

Don't Wake Me Up 7" by Midnite Snaxxx

Midnite Snaxxx is….

A 4-piece punk outfit from Oakland, CA. We are Dulcinea on lead vocals/ guitar, Camylle on bass, Chris on guitar, and Sammy on drums.

Midnite Snaxxx sounds like…

Total punk!


Gotta love a good mix of stripped-down, leather tough stuff with hooks
à la Ramones, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, The Zeros mixed with some angsty English/ Aussie/ NZ punk and catchy rock n’ roll like the Flaming Groovies and Real Kids. We are all pretty music obsessed and love tons of different kinds of music – 70’s punk, pub, pop and rock n’roll, soul, oldies…so it all oozes out here and there.

What is happening in Midnite Snaxxx world right now?

Right now, we are working with Pelican Pow Wow Records to put out our 2nd LP called, “Chew On This.”. We hope to get it out this Fall 2016. In the meantime, we are planning shows and writing new songs.

Thoughts on GonerFest?

Gonerfest is awesome. There are always, so many killer bands, and there are all these really great musical moments that just don’t happen anywhere else. Plus, it’s an amazing excuse to meet up with rock n’roll pals, party, buy killer records and eat and drink your way through Memphis – a truly special fest!

Any other bands playing GonerFest you are excited to catch play?

Yes, we are stoked to see The Nots, Buck Biloxi, Counter Intuits, Reigning Sound, and we will undoubtedly be turned on to some new bands too!

Buy your tickets to GonerFest HERE. Follow Midnite Snaxxx on Facebook , Twitter and check them out and support them on bandcamp… A big thanks to Midnite Snaxxx for talking with me and Goner for being host to such a kickass rock festival.

Check out Goner Records website and Facebook for more artists lineup and updates! We will be posting more in the coming weeks before this goes down September 29!


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