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Today we kickoff our series ‘ The Bands of Gonerfest 13’ with a few words from Aquarian Blood. I did a ‘Meet The Band’ with them last year in our run-up to Gonerfest 12 with that in mind , this time around I opted for getting some answers back from a few questions. Aquarian Blood are punk , no bones about it . For me, Aquarian Blood represents the ethos of Goner Records and like the other bands that put out records out on Goner, Aquarian Blood are speaking to their audience through the power of their music. I’ve listened to their EP about 100 times and I dig the shit out of them and my wife is wondering why I keep singing , ‘On Savage Minds’ .

Aquarian Blood posted this a few days ago -for Alan Vega

What do you think makes Gonerfest a little different than most festivals?

– well, for one thing it takes 9 letters to spell gonerfest, which we find attractive. not like these other fests with names that have 4 or 12 letters.

Craziest thing that happened at last years Gonerfest?

– I heard Giorgio murderer drank beer thru his skin suit. wild times

Have you been in the studio or do you have plans on putting out anything new in the near future.

– yep. new single about to drop on pelican pow wow then our first lp on goner this fall. another single on goodbye boozy after that.

Savage Mind as a record just destroys in a glorious punk way, do you consider Aquarian Blood a political band and do you have any thoughts you would want to share on the current state of affairs in America or the world…

– thanks! we aim to destroy. politics are fucked

Any last thoughts on Goner Records as a cool ass label or this years Gonerfest?

– goner rules. Gonerfest13_FINAL logo_WHITE BACKGROUND_LowRes
tune out, turn up, drop off

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