The Bands of GonerFest 13 – Trampoline Team

trampoline team Founded in 2011, Trampoline Team is a band out of New Orleans and if you think you know what a band sounds like being from NOLA, this band will make you think again. Plenty of guitar shredding, face melting bass, punchy, aggressive drums, lyrics bursting at the seams with angst and torment that will surround you as you listen to the dark atmosphere their music creates. Their sound is almost like a pressure cooker and its building and building until it bursts with urgency and force. Trampoline Team is on the lineup for this year’s GonerFest happening in September over in Memphis this year presented by Goner Records, and their show is going to be sick. Their debut album, Make It Faster was released last November via Pelican Pow Wow Records and is driving their fans nuts. Trampoline Team is Sam, Shelby and Michael, check them out.

Trampoline Team is…

A punk band from New Orleans. Michael, Sam, and Shelby. Guitar, bass, drums.

Trampoline Team sounds like…

A good band.

Our influences are…

PeeWee Herman, curse words, dirt, pain pills, leather.

What is happening in Trampoline Team’s life right now?

Right now we are recording songs for 2 upcoming 7”s. One will be for Pelican Pow Wow (New Orleans), and the other is a split with Chicago band MAMA for Giveaway Records (Austin).

What does the rest of this year look like for Trampoline Team?

We’re doing an East Coast/Midwest tour in October with our friends Bottomfeeders. Hopefully we’ll have something out by then but if not the rest of the year looks like bootleg tapes.

Thoughts on GonerFest?

GonerFest is cool. It’s my favorite weekend of the year, and always an opportunity to meet new Australians.

Any other bands playing GonerFest you are excited to catch play?

Useless Eaters and Aquarian Blood. We’re also playing in Sick Thoughts so I’m excited to catch that.

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Buy your tickets to Goner Fest HERE. A big thanks to Trampoline Team for talking with me and Goner Records for putting on this festival every year.

Check out Goner Records website and Facebook for more artists lineup and updates! We will be posting more in the coming weeks before this goes down September 29!

Photo by Josh Miller

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