The Bands of Field Trip South Feb. 24th , 25th, Orlando Fla – The Subsonics

Let’s get right into this garage fest extravaganza happening right here in Orlando in just a few short weeks. A few years back Scott from Hidden Volume Records brought up this idea to bring a bunch of bands together for a weekend of fun , in his hometown of Orlando. And since I’m 4 miles from Wills Pub , I was pretty excited about the initial idea but like everything that Scott does he surpasses your expectations and just blows you away , usually with the cool art work that he puts together for the bands on Hidden Volume Records and the knack that he has for picking some pretty damn good bands to work with. Turning our attention to his latest adventure, putting together Field Trip South Weekend , Scott has assembled bands, and DJ’s that are amongst the coolest in the business. Look at this list :
performances by The Little Richards, Southern Culture On The Skids, The Schizophonics, The Stents, The Woolly Bushmen, The Hate Bombs, The WildTones, The Ar-Kaics, Midnight Larks, The BellTowers, Subsonics, and The Woggles.

This will be a weekend of music that will set the tone for a year of getting back to the joy of music and posting about bands that I like. I’m doing all of this on a whim, there are no Interviews to post up. It’s all about the music and since there are so many kick ass bands playing over two days , I will spend some time posting about each band. It would be great if you could get to Orlando to see all of these bands , that would be the ultimate goal, it’s about impossible to replace the experience of seeing a band perform live but I totally get it , if you can’t get here but if you can , I think this will be a weekend that you would never forget.

Let’s start with – The Subsonics.

for me there is something special about The Subsonics that places them in a group of artist that get to the core of mixing art and music, it’s poetry pure and simple and the music just makes me smile and sing along in some kind of dark sarcastic , I get it kind of way. Give a listen to these tracks , go to Slovenly Recordings – Bandcamp and pick up your copy and get yourself to Orlando February 24 and 25th for Field Trip South.

Wills Pub – Field Trip South Ticket Info

Hidden Volume Records

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