The Bands of Field Trip South, Feb. 24th and 25th – The Woolly Bushmen

Today in our series that showcases the bands that will be playing ‘ Field Trip South ‘ right here in Orlando February 24th and 25th – The Woolly Bushmen. A few weeks back I was talking with the head of the Orlando Museum , about the Arts in general which then turned specific when we got to poetry, after talking about Ferlinghetti and Ginsberg we turned to music and that all started with a list of the bands we had both seen over the years and then he asked me about what I listen to now and as I was talking about Garagerock bands he said , “like The Woolly Bushmen ” and I was impressed that he had seen The Woolly Bushmen as I was telling him about 50thirdand3rd and how we had featured them a few months back. I never had any doubts that Scott from Hidden Volume Records was going to include The Woolly Bushmen as part of this fantastic weekend of music. So don’t wait any longer book those tickets, leave the ice and snow behind and get yourself down to the City Beautiful for a weekend of rock n roll at Wills Pub. and if you are in Europe, the day after they play at Field Trip South, The Woolly Bushmen start their month long tour. Stay tuned in to The Woolly Bushmen for more details as they become available.
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Get your tickets for Field Trip South:
Wills Pub – Field Trip South Ticket Info

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