The Bands of Field Trip South, Feb. 24th and 25th Orlando Fla – The Belltowers

Today we begin to focus on the bands of Field Trip South that will be playing on Saturday night Feb. 25th. The Belltowers are one of the first bands that I was turned on to by Hidden Volume Records. Awesome power pop/garage vibe that I can not wait to see perform at Field Trip South being held right here in Orlando Florida the last weekend of February. Get your tickets today , you don’t want to miss this weekend of garage stomping madness.
I wrote this about The Belltowers back in 2014..
From 53rd & Third Blog / June 2014

“The Belltowers have that sound that I am constantly on the lookout for, those big old guitars from the 60′s , you know the kind Roger McGuinn used. Over the years 2 groups that have come the closest to me of recapturing the essence of that groovy sound would be REM and The Cynics, so now we need to add The Belltowers to that short list. This is pop at its best, all cool and jangy, sing along time songs. Me, I love this awesomeness, these guys rock and I find it hard to believe that I haven’t heard of them up till now…The Belltowers rock…Follow them, buy their single, for all you collectors out there I’m telling you the art work for Hidden Volume Records is off the chart impressive , your friends will be envious, your Parents will be awed by your good taste in music and art, it’s a win win kids, jump on this train called Hidden Volume Records and fill your days and nights with some of the coolest tunes you will discover in 2014.”

Wills Pub , Field Trip South Tickets and Info
Hidden Volume Records
The Belltowers – Facebook

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