BANDCAMP FRIDAY – Support Your Favorite Bands

It’s Bandcamp Friday – support your favorite bands, discover new ones and help them out during this super challenging time. Here are a few to lighten your bank account.


Be Gay, Do Crime‘ is another SOLID compilation from our friends at Girlsville Records AND it’s a benefit compilation for Prism Health in Portland, Oregon. “Prism Health is committed to offering safe, compassionate, and affirming primary and mental health care to all members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Plenty of your favorite or new favorite bands are here: OSEES, Hood Rats, UK Gold, Mr & The Mrs, Virvon Varvon, and The Primitives. I absolutely love this ripper from Olympia, Washington’s Stiff Love.

Girlsville Records


This Philly band features ex-members of Electric Love Muffin, Rolling Hayseeds, Krhissy, and the Yarrows. Their debut album ‘This Time You’re On Your Own‘ releases at the end of the month and ‘The Whole World Knows I’ll Never Get Over It Now‘ offers up some solid, blue-collar, punk rock while ‘The Dolphins’ is a superb cover of the Fred Neil track.



Calgary’s Brain Bent perfect nerd punk on their 4-track EP ‘Obligatory Icebreaker.’ It all sounds frantic and paranoid and stands as an ideal soundtrack for these times. Think a little Swell Maps or Pinch Points, with some Angry Samoans thrown in for good measure.



It’s only one track, but ‘Momentum‘ the debut single from UK shoegazers VVOLVES has me salivating. The track is dynamic with a massive sonic build-up. Really looking forward to hearing more.



You can always count on trashy Milwaukee ragamuffins Indonesian Junk to deliver the goods. Here they beef up The Joneses’ classic ‘Pill Box‘ on their latest release ‘A Life Of Crimes (singles and rarities 2009​-​2018)‘. Via Rum Bar Records.



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