BANANA – ‘Post Grunge Revival’ EP – Full Stream Premiere

Boston post-punk/grunge trio Banana are dropping their angst-ridden 5-track EP ‘Post-Grunge Revival‘ via King Pizza and we’ve got the full-stream premiere.

The spirit of the 90s is alive and well here. A sonic grunge blast, and the metallic sludge of the Melvins, combined with the off-kilter menace of PJ Harvey make for a claustrophobic but rewarding listen.

The EP opens with the 2-minute long drone of the aptly titled ‘Intro‘ leaving you with no idea what you’re in for until the grunge stomper ‘Tiny Bones‘ kicks in. Chelsea Ursin’s church voice carrys a sing-song melody over the crunchiest guitar/bass combo you’ll hear this year. The combination of the grinding ultra-heaviness of ‘Florida‘ and the all-out Sabbath stoner slam of ‘Kittie‘ will knock you on your ass. Things finish off with the raging millennial mosh-pit anthem ‘MooMoo‘ where Ursin sings about cows giving birth, cheddar cheese, and screams the line “responsibility sucks!” Perhaps this is the “here we are now, entertain us” of the 2010s?

If you dig the early barrage of Seattle sounds like Tad, the Melvins, and The Gits with weirdo proto-grunge like Flipper….you’ll find Banana very ‘appealing’ (sorry not sorry).

Pre-order from King Pizza here.


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